We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of packaging for all industries ranging from Automotive, Technical, Manufacturing, Scientific, Medical, Amazon suppliers.

We have a sterling reputation, always aiming to provide the best options for customers and utilising the latest materials both economically and effectively.

In 1979, Jim and Barbara Jackson founded BJ Eurosell and a few years later were joined by their son Paul. The company has kept growing, producing packaging for companies across the UK and into Europe.

Let us know what you need packaging for and we will be able to design a pack to suit all your needs. Will make sure all economic environmental and protective requirements are addressed


Postal Bags


For everyday use, needed for all packaging.

Polystrene Inners


Anything ranging from CAD cut inserts to plain pads

Foam Inserts

A bespoke way to secure your product when shipping


Standard corrugated cartons and die-cut designs to give you the cheapest option to send your goods knowing that they’ll arrive to your customer successfully


Moulded polypropylene cases with die-cut routed and water jet cut foam fittings to suit

Timber Cases

A sturdy method for larger items that can also have numerous internal fittings to suit

Combination Packaging

Combination of items for full/complete packs

Ranging from full colour printed solid board and E Flute boxes and lids to basic plain corrugated cartons with a variety of inserts to suit

Medical Packaging


From packaging for medical equipment, to leg splints for use on hospital wards to foam cubes for use in operating theatres as well as a wide range of study model boxes for use in dentistry

Water Industry Packaging

Water Industry

Different types and sizes of pipe swabs/pigs, plain foam or hard backed, any size can be manufactured on request

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